Conjugated Conducting Polymers

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Conjugated conducting polymers with electrochromic and fluorescent properties

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Electrical Conductivity of Conjugated Polymers

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      Conjugated Conducting Polymers | Helmut Kiess | Springer

      Specific spatially localized structures, often referred to as solitons, polarons and bipolarons, result naturally from the interaction between n-electrons and lattice displacements. The third chapter is devoted to the electrical properties of these materials.

      Conductive Polymers

      The high metallic conductivity achieved by doping gave rise to the expression conducting polymers, which is often used for such materials even when they are in their semiconducting or insulating state. Although conductivity is one of the most important features, the reader will learn how difficult it is to draw definite conclusions about the nature of the charge carriers and the microscopic transport mechanism solely from electrical measurements.

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